Volker Ackermann was born in 1967 in Düsseldorf (Germany). As a photographer Volker enjoys observing people in public spaces. His photographic compositions are often a composite of people, graphical elements, shadow, light and structures.

His photographic style is on the silent side with a hint of subtle humor, which is also a reflection of his own character. A photographic perspective is part of his daily routine. Volker likes minimalistic design and architecture like Bauhaus. This preference for minimalism is also reflected in his photographs. People are the focus, in contrast to the often sober architecture. Everyday situations combine objectivity and emotions.

While photographing people on the street Volker is always looking for that perfect moment when all elements in the frame come together. Serendipity is one of the most beautiful things about street photography.

Primarily Volker shoots in black and white, often using a square digital format, as well as on film.

Volker is a member of the German Association for Photography (DVF Deutscher Verband für Fotografie e.V.).